Introduction to SW Mirae Chaeum

Overview of its project

Goal Methods Targets

Content of major projects

Introduction to detailed projects

Build base Center
  • Build, operate base Centers for SW education to activate the area's SW education and strengthen the accessibility
    of alienated classes with poor educational environment in the area to SW education
  • - Build, operate educational sites for the users to experience and practice state-of-the -art technology such as basic facility
    for SW education (infra such as lecture hall, computer, wireless), VR, drone, robot 3D printer
Conduct education to foster lecturers
  • Develop, operate systematic education programs to nourish unemployed youth, university students in the area,
    career-interrupted women, retired experts as SW lecturer mentor
  • - (Recruit lecturers) Select those who can work as a SW lecturer in the area following the completion of lecturer training course,
    from career-interrupted women, unemployed youth

    - (Training of lecturers) Develop, operate education program fostering lecturers 'by the level' so that they can start lectures
    immediately after the completion of the training

    - (Support strengthening their capability) Assist with diverse activities for the lecturers to boost their capability and develop the
    career through regular seminars for lecturers, workshops using textbook/teaching tools, reeducation

    - (Assist with employment) Assist with developing the career and employment using lecturers selected after the training as a
    SW education lecturer within the project of SW Mirae Chaeu

Develop, operate SW education programs
  • Develop, operate systematic education programs including phased SW basic and in-depth education,
    area-specialized SW-integrated education
  • - (SW experience camps) Operate short-term experience education programs four times or more a year to raise people's perception
    on SW and invite their interest

    - (Phased SW education program) Develop, operate tailored SW education programs including beginning stage to advanced one for
    elementary/secondary school student and follow-up programs

    - (Visiting education) Conduct 'Visiting SW education' by grasping the demand such as schools at islands and isolated areas, regional
    children's centers, facilities for vulnerable classes

    - (Other educational assistance) Continue to render education activity like monitoring the result of learning process to raise students'
    interest as well as effectiveness of education and mentoring to guide their careers

Promotion system

Ministry of Science &

Guide directions of the project,
check the progress

National IT Industry Promotion Agency

Examine the direction of the project,
check progress

Oversight local governments & organizations

SOversee performances of SW
Mirae Chaeum SW